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Gta 5 Criminal Empire Project Info

Gta 5 Criminal Empire Project

Single Player Criminal Empire is an ambitious project to add economic management options to GTA V. The objective is to combine action with the possibility of directing an empire. Options like buying and selling properties and merchandise, hiring characters, forming alliances, spying and all kinds of changes to become a super villain and take control of the entire map of the game.

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Download Gta 5 Vehicle Maintenance 1.2

Gta 5 Vehicle Maintenance Mod

This mod adds the option to pay regularly for the vehicle maintenance. If you do not pay over the next ten seconds after the notice, your vehicle’s engine will be progressively drained. There is no degradation if you are parked. Provided that the health of the engine is below five hundred you can improve that health if you stop the vehicle for a while. Health will only recover up to half. You will need to pay for maintenance to fix it completely. If the vehicle starts to burn, you can cool it down and improve the health of the engine if you stop in time.
The maximum speed changes depending on the state of the vehicle.
The cost of the repair depends on the damages.
You will not be able to repair the vehicle if your location is Grand Senora Desert or Sandy Shores. You should watch the maintenance if you do not want to have a breakdown in the middle of the desert.
Each vehicle has its own characteristics of reliability. The rate of degradation of the engine is different depending on its quality.
Maintenance is only available for cars and motorcycles.
The mod manages the maintenance of the current vehicle; if you change it the settings restart and the new current vehicle is set.

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Download Gta 5 Custom Buy Menu 1.3

Gta 5 Custom Buy Menu Mod

Custom buy menu allows you to manage your game progress by taking control of the access to items. You can set a group of ten weapons, vehicles (add-on vehicles included) and clothing styles with its prices, and control the ammunition amount and price, among other options. You can save and load clothes and weapons with their ammunition, without saving the game. The mod also enables you to save the different combinations of clothes, hairstyles, accessories and textures, and give them the name you choose.
There are autosave options, reset the items you buy, and set the money to zero.

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Download Gta 5 Police Killer Mod 2.9

Gta 5 Police Killer Mod

This mod detects and reports the presence of cops in the area when the police is chasing you. If you decide to fight them you will lose your wanted level whenever you reach the enemy kills goal and there aren’t cops around. It notifies the number of deaths and the scoring with won and lost battles at the end of the confrontation.

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