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Criminal Empire Project

Gta 5 Criminal Empire Project

Single Player Criminal Empire is an ambitious project to add economic management options to GTA V. The objective is to combine action with the possibility of directing an empire. Options like buying and selling properties and merchandise, hiring characters, forming alliances, spying and all kinds of changes to become a supervillain and take control of the entire map of the game.

The development of this mod is not the usual, this aims to be a team effort, and to resemble the process of creating an independent video game.
Although it is not usual in mods, I am looking for funding to get the best result. You do not need a big budget. I am asking for the support of the community, that if everything goes well, in return you will find the publication of a mod with a quality out of the ordinary, which of course will be free as always.

The way to support this project is using brave, a browser that seems to respect privacy and is also very fast and reliable. Here you can find information about this project founded by the JavaScript language creator, Brendan Eich:

You can make a contribution by clicking on one of the brave browser banners on this website, downloading the browser and testing it for at least thirty days. In addition brave browser allows micropayments with a cryptocurrency called BAT. It has an integrated wallet from which you can make a small contribution to finance this mod.
Maybe when installing brave browser give you some amount of BAT. In this way your support can be free. Simply installing the browser from any of the links on this site you are already making an important contribution. And you can also make a micropayment through brave that can be free if you do it with the coins they give you in their promotion phase.
One of the ideas of this browser is to give coins to users to see advertising. These coins are used to automatically support the sites you visit, or you can manually configure the percentage of contribution you make to each website.

If the proposal of this mod receives support I will continue giving information about its development process. I promise to do it transparently.

Developers interested in collaborating with this project can preferably use the contact section of this website.

Thanks for your attention.