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Police Killer

Gta 5 Police Killer

This mod detects and reports the presence of cops in the area when the police is chasing you. If you decide to fight them you will lose your wanted level whenever you reach the enemy kills goal and there aren’t cops around. It notifies the number of deaths and the scoring with won and lost battles at the end of the confrontation.

– Configuration file.
– Progressive cop waves. Three configurable wanted levels.
– Scoring and stats.

Configuration options:
– Keys (keys off by default).
Default keys:
F8 activate/deactivate mod (active by default).
Num3 Switch notifications on/off.
– Notifications (on by default).
– Radius of the cops search area (150 by default).
– Enemy kills goal (15 by default).
– Custom mode (off by default).
– Cop wave settings (only affects in custom mode, by default: first wave 6, second wave 9, third wave 12).

Edit «PoliceKiller.ini» file to customize.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64)
Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET

Copy PoliceKiller.dll and PoliceKiller.ini to \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts